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How we help.

Our services are founded on decades of experience creating places in partnership with clients and communities. Whether you want to build something new or reimagine something existing, our goal is the same: to be your guide as we navigate the design and construction process as a team.


Project Exploration and Planning

We’ll learn about your ideas and your community — and we’ll make a plan to bring your vision to life. 

Services include:

  • Funding and grant identification

  • Project feasibility studies

  • Project planning

  • Facility assessment and planning

Construction Administration

We’ll represent you throughout construction, navigating the process with your interests first.

Services include:

  • Construction management

  • Quality control

  • Site observations

  • Procurement


We’ll create a beautiful design that meets your needs and your budget. Then we’ll get ready to build.

Services include:

  • Architectural design

  • Code evaluation

  • Design coordination

  • Construction planning

Project Management

We’ll manage your project, working as an independent advocate to oversee the complete design-build process.


Services include:

  • Consulting and owner support services

  • Team coordination

  • Budget management

  • Facilitation 


Whether you have an idea for a project or you’re ready to start designing, please reach out. We’re here to help.

Let's get in touch.

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