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Yachats Rural Fire Protection District


Yachats, OR




11,590 SF



The town of Yachats sits on a spit of land along the Oregon Coast. Its old fire station was in the heart of town — and within a tsunami induction zone. Yachats needed a new fire station that could withstand an earthquake and tsunami, and support the nearby communities afterward.



After purchasing land in the forested foothills near town, the fire district hired a team led by Curt Wilson to plan for a bond, and then design and build a modern, resilient fire house. Along the way, Curt and the team:

Navigated the challenges of the land. The land for the new fire station was hilly, had a creek running through it, and was subject to liquefaction. The team navigated state and federal permitting processes to relocate the creek and create a seismically stable design that worked within the landscape.


Used cost estimating as a design tool. Working with a fixed budget, it was critical to know the cost of every proposed design solution. Incorporating cost estimating into the design process allowed the team to meet the community’s budget and goals even as the scope of work grew.


Listened and learned. A series of community open houses and regular meetings with fire district leadership provided insight into the community’s goals and concerns — and influenced the design of the fire station.



The Oregon Coast Highway 101, with its many bridges, will be susceptible to damage during a major earthquake. Many Oregon communities could be isolated as they recover. But with a fire station designed for this event, Yachats is ready to serve the community in their greatest time of need.

Curt Wilson led this project as a principal and owner at PIVOT Architecture.

Photos courtesy of PIVOT Architecture and DSL Builders. 

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